The cake rustic simplicity to this is an indispensable material for turning out good food.

Picture the roll has become familiar, where to go from South to North you can see, from the burden of in the street or on the kitchen table of a certain luxury goods.

The main material is rice flour made ​​of rice paper, thin coated and dried boiler. Depending on the area that have different names, the North called a pancake, cake or cookies dam also is the name of Central and South.

The process is simple cake baked crackers and enjoy, in addition to rice paper is also the main ingredients to make delicious dishes such as salad rolls, spring rolls, cake mixes, cake baked quail eggs, bread coated with more malt ... indispensable food cake such as grilled snakehead fish, steamed fish, cows beer, announced the guise ...

Here are a few delicious dishes made ​​from rice paper

A. Girdle cake mix

Seller chopped cake, mixed with the dry ingredients beef, dried shrimp, quail eggs, mangoes, laksa leaves, satay, brine shrimp and a few blueberries. If customers want to eat yogurt for many blueberries may or tamarind juice. Rice paper should not mix so long as this cake will be soft, not good.
Rice paper after mixing becomes soft but tough. Eat a piece of felt bitter sweet sweetness, fragrance and length of dry cows, fleshy touch of roasted, the more fat has just scented quail eggs. He felt the food was delicious unique cake mix, thanks to a little pepper and chopped laksa leaves.

Rice paper is not only delicious but also mixed very low, consistent with students' pockets. Each piece is priced from 6,000 to 10,000 dong. Pictures of her pupils on roll handle mixed bag, eating and talking, laughing as the scene has become familiar in front of the school gates.

Location: Rice paper mixed scene to end of street pavement Hoa Hao, District 10, HCMC.

Two. Snakehead fish rolls

This dish is popular in the South, the snakehead fish was caught on the clean, clear up the oil pan fried nursery, rice paper and served with raw vegetables.

Rice paper usually eat this for all kinds of thin rice paper, larger adult hands a bit. When you eat, you dip pieces of rice paper over the country, giving up a few vegetables such as lettuce, fragrant basil, basil, cucumber, fresh noodles and a slice of meat rolled back dotted with sauce and enjoy. Rustic flavor and fragrance field gives you appetite unforgettable.

Address: 28 Le Binh, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

3. Book items

There are many dishes made with rice paper, such as salad rolls, beef beer, central spring rolls ... This food is a common feature is made with a layer of rice paper roll wrapping.

His beef salad and beer are two familiar dishes of school age, the cakes are used as thin coated outer shell, inner cores include the type of raw vegetables, fresh noodles, shrimp, meat or fried eggs coated with thin ... often served with sweet and sour sauce or similar.

Rolls or spring rolls have the same form but are processed differently, and roll crust outside, inside is finely minced meat, mushrooms, vermicelli, carrot, radish julienne ... be rolled up and take fried, served with noodles may or book along with some other vegetables.

Address: An Ocean region or the College of Education Dinh Tien Hoang (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City), University of Economics on Nguyen Dinh Chieu ...

4. Rice paper malt

Barley Rice paper is a snack of the people of Quang, simple dishes with sticky rice cake, malt sugar and coconut but have very special appeal. The yellow cake baked on the surface to be scanned onto the fiber such as barley yellow silk, then a layer of coconut, folded and given to customers.

Barley Rice paper is not just a dish, which has become a specialty of the region. The cake in her small but the image of a home, home is a special gift meant for those who left their country. What's more fun when they are sipping the fragrant smell of malt cake, just close your eyes imagine the familiar image of the homeland, it is enough that only about easing their homesickness.

Five. Rice Paper Grilled quail eggs

Ingredients of a cake baked eggs include quail eggs, fat, onions, minced meat, fried shrimp and rice paper made from rice flour. First, the cake was placed on a charcoal grill, add ingredients include onion, eggs, bread and then spread out onto the surface material. Because the cake is baked thin cakes, when baked pie should spins are on hand to cake is cooked evenly and not burn.

The seller usually given in a little sauce to be more delicious cake. In the slightly chilly evening sky, just to walk around with your friends, just sip the fragrant smell cake baked onion, hot taste of chili is better than nothing.

Address: Market Tran Huu Trang (Phu Nhuan). Goods sold range from 14h to 20h.

6. Beef guise leaves

Ingredients for this dish of beef, minced pork, wrapped in foil and grill on the guise of charcoal. The book leaves guise of grilled beef cooked to fragrant blend of beef in the guise of the scent of the leaves form a fragrance can not be more attractive.

Beef is eaten with the leaves guise noodles, rice paper, vegetables, salads, fish lettuce, basil .. add a little banana, cucumber, sliced ​​contract and of course the indispensable cup seasoning sauce. Take a thin slice of cake, give up on slices of lettuce, a little fresh noodles, a few stalks of vegetables, add a sliced ​​banana, cucumber, finally a cow leaves his guise, rolled back into sauce dots wedge and enjoy.

If you want the rolls are delicious and quality customer please visit cake factory is the largest central Nhan Hoa Co., Ltd., address: Hoai Xuan - Hoai Nhon - Binh Dinh, Phone : 0563.563.563,

Mobile: 098.969.8239 (A.Bao). Fax: 0563,563,564.


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